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Education and Videogames

Education and Videogames

A very brief look into the topics I will be discussing and how it will lead to this idea of transitive learning (next post).


More of an example of what I hope to do.


My audience is targeted at young people because they are the most influenced by video games. The author uses this to attract a wider base of people because of this. Many of audience members are people like myself watching these videos. He approaches the audience in a funny manner to keep them coming back and watching more of his videos.

Digital Use

I have used many thing unethically, and have even downloaded them in disdainful ways. However people who are using them ethically are not having the laws work towards their advantage. Unfortunately I don’t know enough to where I can say this needs to be changed or point out something specific; I know that the laws need to work towards the people not these huge corporations. 


The design of the video is what I’m shooting for, however I’m looking to add some of my own ideas and make it my own. Hopefully what I want is a little comedy flare added too informative information, not just for pure entertainment.

Gaming Together

Sometimes gaming can be fun for the whole family. In this case the couple here playing a lovely horror game. This can make social interaction between people fun and innovative.