On May 5, 2010 I was in a car crash that would do a 180 degree turn on my life. After awaking from a unconscious state, the doctors told me that I had damaged nerve endings. Pain medication was impossible for reconstruction surgery of my left should because of allergic reaction to doses of this type of medication. I was sent live with my aunt for 3 months to smoke cannabis to block my¬†neuropathic pain. During that time, I would go through rehab and post crash surgeries to fix my shoulder. I now live with pinched nerves in my left shoulder, causing chronic pain at unknown times. I decided to do research to find out more about cannabis’s history, effects on the body, and why it’s so controversial as a pharmaceutical option.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, I really like your topic and how you have your blog layed out. I learned alot of interesting facts and I like the blog layout you used. It caught my attention as soon as I pulled up your page. I aslo liked how you did a poll on who smokes weed, it really was another attention grabber for your blog.


  2. I can see why this topic is important to you because of what you have been through. I like how you shared your story on your blog so we can see how it relates to your topic.


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