Social Benefits of Video Games


I think this is an interesting article on video games. We have all seen the news stories about the deleterious effects of playing violent video games. And every time a new M for mature title is released (e.g., Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty), the same old story is recycled. Well it is certainly true that studies suggest that a steady diet of violent games (and violent media in general) can lead to antisocial behavior. And this research, along with common sense, is precisely why many parents do not let our young children play extremely violent games. The problem with these stories is that they appear to contribute to a general sense that most or all video games are bad for us, or at least of no real social value. If playing antisocial (e.g., violent) games can lead to antisocial behavior, it makes sense to propose that playing prosocial games can lead to prosocial behavior.


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