The Uses of Medical Cannabis

This documentary argues that cannabis is a medicinal herb that can be used in treatment of many illnesses. Many of them include: cancer, HIV, neuropathic pain, and asthma. These are just some of many on an entire list of illnesses that cannabis can be used for treatment.  Many of the topics cover case studies of proof that cannabis does help the patient through many treatments including people going through chemotherapy. One reason they why it helps with chemotherapy is it helps with the pain of the therapy. The main point is, that doctors are trying prove that cannabis does have medicinal value to it and should be exploited for its many uses.

The source is very helpful for those researching cannabis in general. The research the doctors did in the documentary is based off of case studies and in comparison with other similar drugs like tobacco. This means they are not one sided for cannabis for the wrong reasons but for the right ones. In comparison with other sources, this is very reliable because of they come from actual medical doctors who have found success with cannabis to treat their patients. The main objective was to clear the shroud the federal government has put on this drug to enlighten people who have been unsure of the history and the potential use of this resourceful herb.

This resource is very useful in shaping my research because it helps back up my claim with actual case studies of the drug.  It shapes my argument into a more unified point rather than be scattered all over the place. I has strengthened my topic and given me confidence that people will see the drug as a more useful medicine rather than a gateway drug. The source will be useful in the way that people will see others more knowledgeable about cannabis talk to them about the herb.

Super High Me is one of the several cases the medical cannabis is used for. Doug Benson is clinically depressed and uses cannabis a way of treatment for his condition.

Some patients have found the mood altering effects of marijuana to be helpful for treating mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar (manic-depressive) illness. Using marijuana to treat mood disorders was described in medical writings in the 19th and early 20th centuries.However, using marijuana to treat mood disorders can be very tricky. Patients who respond well report that marijuana not only diminishes their undesirable moods, it also motivates them to productivity. For some of these patients, depression was a by-product of a debilitating disease or illness for which marijuana provided a welcome remedy. It is one of the conditions that must be talked about with your doctor before using cannabis. For some patients, it could possibly act directly on the depression and make it worse. Cannabis, like many other drugs, has its own side effects to each different individual, and must be discussed before taking this “drug”.


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  1. These videos added great support for your argument because they are saying how cannabis can help someone who is sick when used correctly.


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